function libshared_memory_cleanup

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Source Files

└── test_and_benchmark
    └── libshared
        ├── inc
        │   └── libshared
        │       └── libshared_memory.h
        └── src
            └── libshared_memory
                └── libshared_memory_cleanup.c

Opaque Structures

struct libshared_memory_state;


void libshared_memory_cleanup( struct libshared_memory_state *ms,
                               void (*memory_cleanup_callback)(enum flag known_numa_node_flag,
                                                               void *store,
                                                               lfds711_pal_uint_t size) );


struct libshared_memory_state *ms

A pointer to an initialized struct libshared_memory_state.

void (*memory_cleanup_callback)(enum flag known_numa_node_flag,

                               void *store,
                               lfds711_pal_uint_t size)
A callback function which is called with every memory allocation added to the memory state. This argument can be NULL.


NUMA memory APIs on deallocation do not need to know which NUMA node was used, and so the callback provides only a flag to indicate whether the given allocation was provided with libshared_memory_add_memory (LOWERED) or libshared_memory_add_memory_from_numa_node (RAISED).


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