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Opaque Structures

struct lfds710_queue_umm_element;


#define LFDS710_QUEUE_UMM_SET_KEY_IN_ELEMENT( queue_umm_element, new_key )



A struct lfds710_queue_umm_element, which is not currently part of a freelist. Not a pointer to it - the struct itself.


A pointer, which will be cast by the macro to a void *, which the key in queue_umm_element is set to.

Return Value

No return value.


The key in a queue element can only be set when the element is outside of a queue (i.e. has been dequeued, or has yet to be enqueued). This macro can be called at any time, but if it is used on an element which is present in a queue, all bets are off - all threads on the logical core which does this will see the change, but there is no guarantee any other logical cores will ever see the change. You were warned.

As with all liblfds macros, the macro operates on the structure itself, not a pointer to it.

The key is not used in any way by the queue, and is provided for convenience when moving keys and values between different data structures.


Coming soon. No, really! (Written 29th Dec 2015).

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