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Source File


Opaque Structures

struct lfds710_list_asu_element;


#define LFDS710_LIST_ASU_SET_KEY_IN_ELEMENT( list_asu_element, new_key )



A struct lfds710_list_asu_element. Not a pointer to it - the struct itself.


A void pointer, which the key in list_asu_element is set to.

Return Value

No return value.


As with all liblfds macros, the macro operates on the structure itself, not a pointer to it.

The key can only be set before an element enters the list. If it is set after, the list will likely be broken (as the new key, being different to the old key, would most likely require the element to be in a different position in the tree, and this element movement is not supported) and also, key is not set atomically, so that even if a change was made, there is in principle no guarantee any other logical core would see that change anyway.

Key is not set atomically because it is known it will only be set before an element enters the tree. Matters can be (and have been) arranged to ensure key is despite the lack of an atomic set correctly propagated to other logical cores, but this is a behaviour of the linking code, not of the macro which sets key.


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