function libtest_misc_pal_helper_add_logical_processor_to_list_of_logical_processors

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Source Files

        │   └───libtest
        │           libtest_misc.h

Opaque Structures

struct lfds710_list_asu_state;
struct libshared_memory_state;


void libtest_misc_pal_helper_add_logical_processor_to_list_of_logical_processors( struct lfds710_list_asu_state *list_of_logical_processors,
                                                                                  struct libshared_memory_state *ms,
                                                                                  lfds710_pal_uint_t logical_processor_number,
                                                                                  lfds710_pal_uint_t windows_processor_group_number );


struct lfds710_list_asu_state *list_of_logical_processors

A pointer to the struct lfds710_list_asu_state passed into libtest_pal_get_full_logical_processor_set.

struct libshared_memory_state *ms

A pointer to the struct libshared_memory_state passed into libtest_pal_get_full_logical_processor_set.

lfds710_pal_uint_t logical_processor_number

The logical processor number of the logical processor to add to the list of logical processors.

lfds710_pal_uint_t windows_processor_group_number

The windows processor group number of the logical processor to add to the list of logical processors. This field is only meaningful on Windows 7 and above. For all other platforms, pass in 0 (zero).

Return Value

No return value.


void libtest_pal_get_full_logical_processor_set( struct lfds710_list_asu_state *list_of_logical_processors,
                                                 struct libshared_memory_state *ms )
  LFDS710_PAL_ASSERT( list_of_logical_processors != NULL );
  LFDS710_PAL_ASSERT( ms != NULL );

  for( loop = 0 ; loop < KeNumberProcessors ; loop++ )
    libtest_misc_pal_helper_add_logical_processor_to_list_of_logical_processors( &list_of_logical_processors, ms, loop, 0 );



This is a helper function for use with libtest_pal_get_full_logical_processor_set. It adds a given logical processor (described by its logical processor number, and, on Windows 7 and higher, its Windows processor group number) to the list of logical processors being formed up by libtest_pal_get_full_logical_processor_set.

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