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Source Files



void lfds611_abstraction_free( void *memory );
void *lfds611_abstraction_malloc( size_t size, size_t align_in_bytes );
LFDS611_INLINE lfds611_atom_t lfds611_abstraction_cas( volatile lfds611_atom_t *destination, lfds611_atom_t exchange, lfds611_atom_t compare )
LFDS611_INLINE unsigned char lfds611_abstraction_dcas( volatile lfds611_atom_t *destination, lfds611_atom_t *exchange, lfds611_atom_t *compare );
LFDS611_INLINE lfds611_atom_t lfds611_abstraction_increment( volatile lfds611_atom_t *value );

Defines & Typedefs

typedef [type] lfds611_atom_t;

#define LFDS611_INLINE                   [compiler inline directive]
#define LFDS611_ALIGN(alignment)         [compiler stack alignment directive]
#define LFDS611_ALIGN_SINGLE_POINTER     [lfds611_atom_t size in bytes]
#define LFDS611_ALIGN_DOUBLE_POINTER     [lfds611_atom_t size in bytes, multiplied by two]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_COMPILER_READ    [compiler read compiler barrier directive]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_COMPILER_WRITE   [compiler write compiler barrier directive]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_COMPILER_FULL    [compiler full compiler barrier directive]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_PROCESSOR_READ   [compiler read processor barrier directive]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_PROCESSOR_WRITE  [compiler write processor barrier directive]
#define LFDS611_BARRIER_PROCESSOR_FULL   [compiler full processor barrier directive]


This API is not a data structure. It is the abstraction layer for liblfds, which must be implemented on a given platform for liblfds to compile and run on that platform.

Please read the porting guide (lfds) for detailed instructions.