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struct lfds600_freelist_element *lfds600_freelist_guaranteed_pop( struct lfds600_freelist_state *fs, struct lfds600_freelist_element **fe );


struct lfds600_freelist_state *fs

A freelist state as allocated by lfds600_freelist_new.

struct lfds600_freelist_element **fe

A pointer to a freelist element pointer which will be set to point to a freshly allocated struct freelist. Set to NULL if allocation fails.

Return Value

Returns a pointer to the address of the freelist element (e.g. the value *fe is set to). Returns NULL if element creation failed. This element is actually allocated, rather than being taken from the freelist, and so will always succeed, unless malloc or the user initialisation function fail. The user initialisation function used is that which was passed to lfds600_freelist_new when the freelist was instantiated.


To obtain the user data void pointer from the element, use lfds600_freelist_get_user_data_from_element.

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