Working on the test and benchmark programme.

There’s a lot of functionality, so a lot of work.

Currently getting thread-based testing off the ground.

Making progress. Two main things to sort out – how to handle durations and memory allocation.

The standard library isn’t used, so there are no time functions.

Duration is number of iterations.

Problem is, tasks (tests and benchmarks) vary in how long an iteration takes, and will vary as the platform varies.

So some users will want less iterations, some more, and the number of iterations will still need to vary by task.

Memory allocation is a problem for the command line wrapper.

The test and benchmark code itself performs no allocations, but the caller has to.

The test and benchmark programme being general then needs to deal with NUMA and NUMA/shared memory, on Windows and Linux.

So, there’s quite a few variations of allocation methods.

Once that’s airborne, then process-based.

After that, then re-implementation of all tests, and also then a complete set of benchmarks.

At that point I can get back to actually coding lock-free data structures… =-)

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