Minor site update

Finally got rid of the frames.

Moved the site back over to https (had time to sort out the certs from LetsEncrypt).  There’s still a http server for the site, it redirects to https.  I’m fairly sure everything is working.

WordPress updated to v5 and the new editor is absolutely appalling, with no way to use the previous editor.  It’s about unusable.  It uses a tiny part of the screen for editing, the text and cursor keep being moved around when you perform operations in the UI, and the cursor disappears at times, not to mention the usual bizzaro-world totally unexpected jumping around when you’re doing editing and moving the cursor (that’s really the worst thing – the unpredictability and inconsistency of cursor movements – you have to *think* and *pay attention* to *move the cursor*, because it can’t be done on autopilot because the movements are not consistent).  Answer is editing in a real text editor and just pasting here.

I’ve had to write a book, the last few months.

Another month or two to go.

Then back to working on the next release.