I’m in Stockholm, Sweden.

All my household effects have been here in storage for some years.

I’m finally here to dispose of them.

I’ve had them delivered, I’ve sorted through them all, figured out what I’ll try to sell, researched current prices and so how much I should charge and taken photos and I’m ready to post adverts.

There’s a site in Sweden, “Blocket”. Their Ebay.

So I do all the stuff, translate things into English to understand (drop down lists are the worst, you have to get the page source, and then it turns out Blocket have 560 blank lines at the beginning of their pages and lines which are over 16kb in length, and Firefox source viewer when you try to select one of these lines by clicking on it and dragging the selection down one line, instead selects the ENTIRE rest of the document, which you can’t see it’s done, because you’re way out on the right in a 16kb+ line – and then I have another problem, because the text editor I like isn’t written properly and can’t handle such long lines; so I need to paste into Mousepad, trim the text to something reasonable, THEN past into my editor – and I need to use my editor because the search/replace in Mousepad is appallingly bad), discover in their catagories of adverts they have nothing for “kitchen” (christ).

I then run into their assumption (everyone does it) that everyone has a mobile phone number. Actually in this case I think maybe I should get one, people will want to talk about these things they’re interested in, but it turns out my VOIP provider has fucked up, in two ways; first, they have a minimum rental period for number of six months (I want one month) and second, they’ve got the billing amount wrong for six months – it’s about a third higher than it should be.

(I add some credit to my account anyway, as it’s running low, and once again I’m offered by the payment provider a conversion performed by them at an extortionate rate – they want about 50 pence sterling to convert 10 CHF into 8 GBP. It disgusts me, and I am not happy with the VOIP provider for using them. So three marks down – no one month rental period, getting the pricing wrong for six months, and faciliating what is practically fraud upon their customer base.)

So I fake the number and then I hit submit and disocver the and the only payment mechanism they have is *you phoning them to pay*. It’s an 0900 number, I think the way it works is you call, enter a code, and you get a charge on your phone bill. (I say I think – the VOIP provider I use has no way to tell you how much a number you call will cost before you call it. I’ve talked to them about this, got nowhere. Black mark number four.)

That *ain’t* gonna work with a VOIP provider. It’ll be at least a euro a minute and I’m certain their billing mechanism will fail.

Their payment mechanism is totally broken for me.

I was thinking about this the other day. Actually, I don’t think I know of a single good web-site. They’re *ALL* fucked in various ways. UI design, functionality, doesn’t work with Firefox, you name it.

*None* of them work. The mean average quality of the web is “broken”, with exceptional quality peaks of “broken”.

The WWW is full of shit. The people who write web-sites are morons, and they produce garbage, and every site under the sun tracks you as closely as it possibly can, both on the site and off the site, where you go and what you do. Plenty of sites now record how you scroll and move your mouse around the site while you’re using it and replay your browser session at will.

As an aside, if you want help from Blocket, you have a link to their on-line support desk. As far as I can tell, it’s a collection of articles. There’s a link at the bottom, “contact us”. This takes you to… the page you’re already on, the collection of on-line articles.

Finally, I’ve just discovered Blocket opted me in, without asking, to their fucking mailing list. Fuck Blocket. Companies do well, then they become arrogant, and then they destroy themselves.