Giving up on mailman 2

Ya, screw it.

I’m bailing on mailman 2.

I tried, I failed.

It doesn’t work out of the box, with virtual addresses on Postfix – the file permissions are wrong. After some Googling I found a post from many years ago where the poster detailed what the correct permissions should be.

Note there were no logs or error messages of *any* kind.

Now what I find is when I subscribe to a mailing list, the request turns up in the lists directory on disk, but when I through the UI ask to see pending requests, I get “there are no pending requests”.

Fuck himself know why. I certainly don’t. Googling doesn’t help, no docs relating to anything like this, no logs, no errors.

*You can’t do this*. This is not software development. People making food for a living don’t sell food which is poisonous. In exactly the same way, people making software should not publish software which doesn’t work.

As an aside, check out this URL;

“How to Create Announcement or “Read-Only” Lists in Mailman”