Annnhhhhhd we’re back

Proper post tomorrow.

Brief now note – I’m installing GNU mailman version *two*. Version three is a resource hog – completely insane for a mailing list.

Version two however has it’s own completely unexpected and utterly incompetent drawback…

Namely, it emails you, en clair, the password you set to control mailman.

Why not just post it to 4chan and have done with it?

It’s truely staggering. I mean, mindblowing. EMAILING A PASSWORD. Holy Jesus Christ on a fucking stick. I mean it’s *so* bad you’d never think to worry about it, because no one, and I mean, NO ONE, is going to do something SO BLATANTLY WRONG, are they? are they??

Oh wait. Mailman just did.

And you know what? mailman is actually the least worst mailing list out there.

I mean, it just posted my low-security password in public on the Internet during the install procedure, but APART from that…