Avoid CPAN. Maybe avoid Dadamail (except the alternatives are worse).

Jesus Christ on a stick.

CPAN (the Perl module installer) does not support unintallation.

I’m staggered.

So, I’ve been setting up DadaMail, this mailing list thing.

The author has had a go at doing documentation and by open source standards it is exemplary. By actual “is it accurate and are there any surprises?” standards, it’s pretty rough.

So I completed all the install configuration and hit go and it’s happy but it also *then* finally says “install the DadaMail Perl module for greatly enhanced capabilities!”

First time that’s been mentioned.

So I do it.

It does not install cleanly. For one thing, it actually wanted openssh-dev, for another, about half-way through, you get a bizzare question, “where are the apache sources?”


So I hit “q” (like, don’t search) and then it keeps going and there’s a good chunk of errors here and there and then it finishes and I’m thinking, this is a mess, let’s uninstall it.


(drum roll…)

CPAN does not support uninstall.


I mean, seriously.

And the lesson is – even the most basic, most fundamental, most you would never imagine in your wildest dreams someone making a system without it – even that cannot be assumed to exist in open source.

Open source software all lacks professionalism; none of it has polish, like a product. Open source also I think has the greatest range of quality, because commercial software which isn’t any good dies.

So you get things like this. Staggering surprises from out of the blue.

Now I’ve got some god-knows-what god-awful mess spamming up my Perl config, and no way to get rid of it.

-1 for Dadamail, -1 for CPAN.