site status update


Friday before last I asked for the VM image on the server to be replaced by a fresh Debian 8 Jessie image. It was on Wheezy and the distro-update hadn’t worked properly.

This was done, and the new root password emailed to me (I know – I’ve told them about this already, a year ago; but they’re still apart from that the best Swiss provider wholly within Switzerland).

Problem was that the email address they sent that to…

…was on the server which was wiped by the VM image replacement.

So I got the password on Monday.

I then had my final three days in my (now previous) job, which were busy – and I continue to be busy with that, in fact.

My most pressing concern was to get the mediawiki back up. This took a day and a half, because the instructions in the Apache 2.4 docs for using FastCGI with php5-fpm simply do not work and it took up a lot of time finding that out. I found a different way to configure in the end.

The nice thing now is that since I have in the end moved back to Apache, and slapped the seemingly-crazy mpm_event config into shape (I do *not* understand all this “we can spin up more servers” stuff – if your machine lacks the resources for high load, it won’t be able to do this anyway), and now I can install Bugzilla and Mailman, neither of which could be done with nginx (no CGI support – in fact Apache has the obvious solution to handle the problem, have a tiny extra server which you issue CGI requests to and it spawns itself).

So I’m now installing Bugzill and Mailman.