First round build results

“-march=native” only arrived on aarch64 with GCC 6.0.0, so the existing makefiles all fail on the PINE64 (as I’ve yet to build a 6.0.0 on later – I tried building 6.2.0, but the build failed with internal compiler errors and the compiler seg faultings).

(Have to decide what to do about this, because earlier versions of GCC are obviously going to be in use.)

x86_64 4.2.4 (and presumably earlier) don’t undestand -mcx16 (16 byte CAS).

arm (ARM32) 4.7.4 and 4.7.3 both fail with an internal GCC error.

So now I need to build a 6.x.x on aarch64. Thankfully, that’s the fastest board of the three – it takes only about four hours to build a GCC.