About done building GCCs…

Building GCC is kinda an ever-ongoing task, because it’s so slow.

However, on all platforms except ARM, I have a compiler before and after 4.7.3.

On ARM, I can’t build anything earlier than 4.7.4 (painful irony!)

However, apt-get reveals 4.4 (and others) are available. I can use them for test, although I can’t use them for benchmark since they’re not built with the same configure as the other GCCs, so I’m covered.

Far as I can tell no GCC earlier than 4.7.4 can build on the Raspberry Pi 2.

I’ll keep building GCCs in the meantime, so I can benchmark and check makefiles, but I have enough to be getting on with, to get the next release out.

This brings me back now to getting bugzilla going. Ahhh, back to god-damn hell-smitten HTTP servers. BLEAHGAKKKK.