The clanging leaden bells of computers being bloody awful

So, I spent an age figuring out which versions of GCC had which version of its depedency libraries.

Then turns out GCC is really quite conversative, and uses quite old versions of those libraries, only bumping up a version when it needs to.

So I’ve been figuring out the correct versions all over again, and although it’s clear back to 4.5.0, it’s not so clear after that – but I’m about to go out for a couple of hours, so I thought I’d kick off a 4.5.0 build on all platforms.

So I fix up the build script, fix up the source dirs (soft links in each GCC dir to its dependencies) and kick off the build.

It fails (it’s just failed on aarch64 too).

Configure bug in the libgmp GCC has used since 4.5.0 onwards, so that the check for flex fails in the presence of non-standard signal handling – such as configure being run from a Python script.


Srsly. GCC build is a minefield. Take a step, lose a leg. Accurate description, no lie.

Then also a day or two ago I finally bought an enclosure for my external 2TB 2.5 inch drive, which is 15mm, so it was hard to find an enclosure.

Plugged it in, works, that’s great, but I need to copy all my blu-rays to an old 3.5″ drive I’ve kept for this, so I can reform the 2.5 drive to veracrypt (it’s truecrypt right now, and NTFS on that, too!)

So I kick off that copy too.

Which fails. It copies about 500mb of Blade Runner and then stops copying.

Makes it look like one or other of the disks has a problem.

So now my happy hopes of having all these things buzzing along while I head off to the gym are replaced by clanging leaden bells of failure and bloody awkward problems.

(It looks like the *source* drive has the problem, which is a bugger – that’s the drive I intended to use and keep using. A reformat might help, maybe, but my Blade Runner blu-ray is in storage, so I don’t have it with me to re-rip).