Build system beauty

All three dev boards are concurrently running the script.

Turns out running the build directly over NFS was waaaaaaay slow. I mean, I’m only on a 100 mbit ethernet anyway, let alone that it’s also got to go over wifi, over USB, and then to a hard disk rather than flash based media.

So I changed the tmp dir to be local, and then cached the current source dir being built locally, so now I’m basically just using NFS as a store for sources (which I could download from the net, so nothing vital) *but* also as a store for the completed binaries – and that’s like half a gig a shot for the later versions of GCC, so that is vital, because the dev boards typically have 10 GB or less of store (and I want to build clang in the future too, and glibc).

So I’ll leave them compiling overnight. They’re all doing 4.2.0 right now, the earliest (and so smallest) version which I know can compile.

Going to take a long time to compile all the GCCs, I have to say.

Of coruse I could build on my laptop using –host and –target, but I don’t trust it to work, not after the massive problems I’ve had getting anywhere anyway with GCC building.

Anyway, most people will be building with native compilers, so it’s the best choice for me for that reason as well.