Friend at work suggested using NFS with the dev boards.

I’ve set it up – bit of pain but not much by Linux standards – and tonight I’ll use it to build a GCC, and see how fast it is.

I had to reflash the NAND in the Ci20 to get Debian 8, though – Debian 7 didn’t want to play with my NFS mount, and I figured this was the easiest way. It worked, too.

I’m quite happy I’ve done that too – hadn’t done it before, and the Ci20 supports Android, so I think in theory if I buy another Ci20, I can have an Android platform (although it’ll be MIPS rather than ARM). It’s a shame the Pi never got a real Android port.

I still need a case for the Ci20 🙂 the only ones I’ve seen are for 3D printing and they seem to cost like 40 euro or something, which is nuts.