Linux is fabulous and appalling

I need to execute sudo over SSH.

Looks like I want to modify the sudoers file. There is a man page for the sudoers file, but I’ve seen encrypted telegrams which made more sense.

I google and find someone who explains it in a line or two (it’s not hard – it’s amazing in fact that people can write page after page of man docs and completely fail to communicate any information *at all*).

I add a file in /etc/sudoers.d and add a line, using visudo.

I save, all seems well.

I later try to run the package manager.

Guess what? authentication as root is now broken.

No error messages, no warnings, no obvious connections. Undoing the changes made to /etc/sudoers.d/ does not fix things.

In general, with Linux, once something works, don’t touch it. The lack of docs (sorry – the lack of docs *not* encrypted with the meaningless-longwinded-arbitrary-insane-scribblings algorithm), warnings, errors or information means that you are taking risks without knowing, and that if a risk does occur, you have no way to fix it and/or you will now spend at least 15 minutes (and maybe an hour, or six) trying to figure out through Google what bizzaro-world dribbling madness just landed on your lap.