Maybe the end of the line for GCC

So, I’ve been running my GCC build script on ARM64, just for 4.9.2. That script works on Debian on x64. It doesn’t work on ARM64. There’s a wierd error, fairly far into the build process, that it can’t find pthreads.h (which is present, and in the usual place).

Googling just leads to a bunch of other people, over the course of many years, saying they’ve found the same problem and are just about at their wits end (because there’s no apparent cause, and so no apparent fix).

I’ve spent six weeks getting that build script to the point it’s at on x64, and now I run it on ARM64, it doesn’t work.

My line of thought now runs like this : it is not possible to build GCC.

Because GCC cannot be built, it is only possible to test code with the GCC version on the build platforms you have. You can support no other versions, because you have to access to them, so you can’t compile with them.

That’s completely intolerable. No serious software package can be presented to users in this way – where the supported compiler versions are not under the control of the package developers.

I had a look at the build instructions for clang, and they look normal and sane. Thank God for choice!