build system heaven

Absolutely bloody beautiful.

I have now two scripts, both run on Linux but one targets Linux and the other Windows. I’ve spent the day getting the Windows build working, and now it does; the VM starts up, the build iterates through all variations (IA64, x64, debug, release, coverage, debug, release, etc, etc, etc, etc), and runs the test on release builds. No benchmarks, because it’s a VM.


I produced a 7.0.1 and 7.1.2 with the liblfds build updated to match the 7.2.0 build – necessary for libbenchmark to build, since it has an embedded copy of 7.0.x and 7.1.x.

The Linux version runs over all the Linux hosts – x64, MIPS32, ARM32 and ARM64, and does the same. Gnuplots made by the benchmarks are brought back to the host.

The only problem now is that the GCC on ARM64 doesn’t understand -march=native, so the make fails.

This actually touches upon me needing to compile every released version of GCC On each platform, and having the build system use them all.

That’s the next work.

After that, I need to get Bugzilla working again, which means doing something about the web-server, since nginx doesn’t support CGI.