Unexpected behaviour from Gnuwin32 gnumake and tar on Windows

Gnuwin32 gnumake does not on Windows support single backlashes as path seperators when being called with -C from inside a makefile.

So – if you have a makefile, and from inside that makefile you call another makefile, and you are in that call using -C (change directory), that inner make call will fail because it does not understand the path to -C. I think it’s probably treating the single backslashes as escapes. Single forward slashes work, as do escaped backslashes.

However, if you run that inner make directly from the command line, with single backslashes, it works.

Gnuwin32 tar seems to be randomly dropping file suffixes on Windows. The tar is made on Linux, sftp’d to Windows, then if I list it, about one in ten files is missing it’s suffix, which for liblfds means usually .c or .h, which means of course that the makefile falls over because it can’t find the files.

Going to try using zip instead. Compression sucks, but hopefully it’ll work.