Build system update

More good stuff.

Have implemented the python functions (using vboxmanage) to start and stop VMs (where starting means getting the guest IP and then waiting until you can see the SSH server is responding).

At this point I’ve discovered a design flaw. I had thought I could now use SSH, SFTP and make on all platforms – which is to say, including Windows (which is what I’m using the VMs for).

This is not in fact the case. Windows needs a batch file run before the C build environment is ready. What’s worse is that it takes a bunch of args which vary depending on the target processor and operating systems – and you’ll note in that I didn’t think about cross-platform builds. The build system supports processor types, but it doesn’t (currently) support multiple *operating system type targets*.

Windows being a complete PITA again.

So too sleepy now to do more tonight. Did what I wanted to do, which is get VM startup/shutdown going.