Today’s installment of GCC building disaster, insanity and catastrophe

GCC docs say this;

“If you also intend to build binutils (either to upgrade an existing installation or for use in place of the corresponding tools of your OS), unpack the binutils distribution either in the same directory or a separate one.”

And then explain about the separate dir case.

So, what do I think they mean? I think they mean put the root binutils dir in the GCC sources, because otherwise I’ll be spaffing the ton of directories in binutils into the GCC source root and that’s nuts.

Guess what?

Nuts is the order of the day.

Now that wouldn’t be too bad – well, except it is – except that if you in fact do what I did, and put binutils into the GCC source dir, GCC WILL FIND IT, CONFIGURE IT AND BUILD IT. It will ONLY complain at the very end, when it will say it can’t find “ar”, because it’s looking now – finally, despite getting it all right up till now – in the wrong directory.

But it gets worse.

You see, now, having finally worked out how this way of building GCC worked, I now simultanously find out *IT DOES NOT WORK*.

That’s right.

You see, binutils has an include directory, and so does GCC, and they share some files, and the files differ.

I now understand a post I read on Stackoverflow, where the poster was talking about making softlinks to all the binaries made by binutils.

Open Soure : broken out of the box and no docs.