Always provide an email address with your contact form

Advice to web-site developers.

If you are going to provide a form for people to contact you, always also provide an email address, because – believe it or not – YOU MAY IN FACT HAVE FUCKED UP THE FORM. In fact, most of you have. I speak from experience.

I have this site -> -> currently in mind.

I’ve spent the last fucking twenty minutes filling in that fucking form again and again. It works about 50% of the time. I’m actually trying to pay, and I can’t, because their site thinks my Dutch and Italian IBANs are invalid. So I used the form – hit submit – it clears. No message on screen, no email, nothing.

So I send them a message to suggest they do provide some feedback on successful submission, because most on-line forms are broken, so I more or less have to assume their form is broken too, and my question was not sent.

This time – lo and behold – there’s a send confirmation.

Fucks sake. I need to pay now, so I can get to the gym. I do not need a couple of fucking days delay while I eventually figure out their fucking form is broken.

Then I discover there’s a silent character limit on the question text. You find out because you can’t type any more. Fucking idiots, time two. First for the limit, second for letting people waste their fucking time typing a meaningful message to discover it. ANYONE who does this need a fucking brain surgeon – to repair the lobotomy they clearly already had.