Using to select manufacturers when buying a product

I’ve just ordered a little switch, to go with the wireless router.

What I came to pick a switch, I was as is usual overwhelmed – there are so many products, so many manufacturers, how do you choose?

Normally I google for reviews, read a bunch, and that way come to make a choice – although often I find the product I want is very hard to find. Just seems to work out that way.

However, this time, I hit upon a new method; I started using to look up the employee review scores for the given company. I figure in general the happier employees are, the better run the company, and the better the product.

Turns out a LOT of the ethernet switch manufacturers have really bad scores – glassdoor rates out of 5.0, and most were 2.x – which is really *not* good. Cisco were the best, at 3.8 out of 5.0. So I looked into their product range, and found a very suitable product – very small, physically, lightweight, five ports, dead cheap – like 25 euro. Absolutely perfect.