Amazon rule because everyone else sucks at order forms

I hate, I mean I *REALLY* hate, ordering on-line.

I have just spent 15 very tedious minutes filling in form after form, looking up address after address, card details, fake phone number (mandatory field for something I don’t have, remember to remove all spaces because half the time forms object to spaces – which you only find out when you submit), replace the “ß” in the street name with “ss” because no clue if they support unicode, checking data entered, *guessing* I should use my USD card because it isn’t clear yet what Paypal will actually bill me in – I need to enter all the addresses to find this out, and if I’m wrong, go back to square one – etc, etc, etc – only to be taken to Paypal, where I had to enter the card address again, AND THEN FOUND THE SHIPPING ADDRESS WAS BROKEN BECAUSE IT NOW OMITTED THE COMPANY NAME. My name and my workplace address are not enough, because there are a ton of companies in the building. Paypal has no option to edit the shipping address.

So I had to abort, which brings me back to the very start – with all forms cleared.

This time, repeating the lot, I need to ensure I have the company name in the address field, in addition to the deadly misleading extra “company name” field.

This I have to say is par for the course. The main reason I order from Amazon whenever I can *is to avoid this problem*. Sadly, the product I want to order from Amazon is not shipped to Germany – so I have to order direct from the supplier.