Germans seem to have trouble with negotiation

So, I’ve been using AirBnB (spit, etc) to try to find a place in Berlin. It’s unlikely to work, city rent controls and direct anti-AirBnB legislation, but if it could, it’d be super useful.

So I’ve been trying.

What I’m finding is this : Germans (German culture, that is) seems to be totally unable to handle negotiation. If you *attempt* to negotiation, i.e. say anything which argues for a change in the deal, there is no response and the other party leaves.

They don’t talk, don’t say no, it’s just – you tried to negotiate, so the deal is off. They instantly stop responding and close down any open booking.

This is wholly and utterly different to every other country – and that’s a few now – where I’ve AirBnBed.