Last test to write on the new queue.

I’ve had a bit of rename. Everything used to be alphabetic, i.e.


However, thinking of Orwell’s comment “ignore all of above” I’ve decided to be consistent in ordering within each data structure type. I’ve also needed to rename lfds710_queue, because it needs to be clear it’s MPMC.

I had a bit of an insight earlier, in the shower.

I think I can modify the M&S queue to be bounded, by giving it an array of pointers to elements. You can’t use an actual array directly, because it constrains the order in which dequeues must occur for other threads to be able to progress. So it has to be pointers.

However, I’m not going to do that now – I’m moving to release now.

I may do the benchmark for the new queue, but that’s the only extra dev work I’ll do.

In other news, this is my first year with two Easters. Late March in Malta, late April in Athens!