anti-aging news

About seven months ago a woman in the US, a normal woman, not ill, flew to Colombia – to evade the restrictions placed upon her freedom by the FDA – and underwent a gene therapy treatment to help address two of the declines which come with age, loss or muscle mass and telomere shortening.

This news finally hit slashdot, and so I finally read about it – I’m right on the cusp of getting strongly involved in this field, so I’m not yet well read.

The comments on slashdot reflect in part the staggering lack of imagination and abudance of banality which humans can possess.

This technology is on a par with the invention of fire, and there are a non-negligible number of respondants along the lines of “death is death, retards”. I can only hope for timely automobile collisions 😉

One of my thoughts with regard to a longer or open-ended lifespan is that it will give people time to mature and become wiser. Some people become wise and considerate in twenty years; others need forty, others still sixty or eight. If we can live for hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps we might all become wise enough to have a decent planet – and more than one planet – to live on.