Just added per-data structure CAS/DWCAS backoff values. Removed the PRNG part of the backoff, but I think I said that earlier.

Been working on benchmark. Starting pretty much from scratch, but with the right ideas this time – btree for benchmarks, btree for results, abstraction layer for the locks.

The benchmark app has been a tar pit, because I’ve kept NOT starting from scratch, and so been mentally constrained in my thought my the code which already exists – which meant I never was able to break away from its design flaws.

I think the benchmark will be done, and done *PROPERLY AT LAST FUCK ME* in a week.

That thing has taken up an order of magnitude more time than it should have. Live and learn – tar pits.

Once benchmark is done, and I’ve sorted out power for the Pi and Ci20, I need to write a build and test system. I can’t keep manually making releases, it’s way too time consuming (and error prone).

Jesus, that reminds me, I’ll need to reinstall the Windows 8 trial to get the MSVC 2013 dev environment up… that whole process is so costly, in time and effort and mental agony. I literally dread doing it. It’s a plague upon the library and my personal happiness. I need to find a better way.