7.0.0 release in the morning

Windows – I got hold of an 8.1 eval, installed it (hour or two on a VM) and installed a trial 2013, copied that VM and then installed WDK 8.1 as well. Also copied my base fresh Windows 7 VM, installed VC 2012, copied that again and installed 8.0. Took a day or so, all told.

(Took me all of five minutes to write a script on Linux to build every variant and about ten minutes to run it. I’ve been watching “Yes, Minister” recently. Microsoft are the British Civil Service).

THEN found out ARM support exists in 2012.

Could not however figure out how to build an ARM library using 2013. Keeps telling me desktop apps not supported for ARM. Googling a lot didn’t help. Given up.

Building an ARM lib for the kernel with WDK 8.1 was straightforward. Will try it tomorrow with 2012.

So I pretty much know where I am. Will finish this in the morning and release, and then get on with polishing the docs, and then the next thing will be getting the benchmark app back into play.