I think I’m done with Linux build config.

I can’t build/test on x86 any more – Amazon no longer offer x86 machines, far as I can tell.

This leaves MS.

It’s looking like I need build files for both express and professional versions of every current Visual Studio, plus a second set for each of VS+WDK 8.0/8.1/10.0. These build files also are a screaming nightmare to produce. A billion different GUI switches which you have to click on and review – repeated each time for each build variant, which is debug/release, ARM/x86/x64, DLL/LIB, user-mode/kernel – twenty four variants – and I need to do this three times, for MS 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Microsoft, this is absolutely insane. I’m not even going to get angry because this is beyond anger. There are no words to describe how much of a problem this actually is, and this is the environment MS is offering *so people can write software on their platform*.