Wrote a script which makes every build type and runs test for the debug and release builds.

This passes fully on ARM32 and MIPS32 (GCC and gnumake).

Downloaded a 90-day Windows 8.1 trial ISO and Visual Studio 2013 Professional (I’m hoping it will offer a trial install), and the 8.1 web installer (can’t find an ISO and just like ABN AMRo, THE worst bank in the world, every time I touch MS they mess something up, be it big or small – this time I’m told have to log in, to donwload – only in fact I did not have to do so).

I have to say, most profoundly, Microsoft have made the process of porting to their platform excruiatingly painful and above all TIME CONSUMING. It is SO MUCH HASSLE – and then, even once you’ve done it, there’s little scope for automation, since each WDK has to run in a different VM and I suspect now I may need to support three different WDKs, maybe even four to get Windows 10. It’s a joke. It’s totally insane and I boggle that MS have ended up offering this to developers.

On Linux, I wrote a script in about five mins which built and ran every variant.

Microsoft, it takes DAYS – that’s MULTPLE DAYS – to obtain, install and configure the build environments.

Anyways, ARM32 and MIPS32 are happy. Tomoz I’ll confirm x86 and x64 on Linux, which means all the Linux builds are in shape and ready to go.

Then it’ll be a case of deciding what to do about Windows and the MS problem.

I may for now just update the VS2012 and WDK 8.0 build files. This would mean no ARM32 support on Windows, because I need VS2013 (which means Windows 8.1) and WDK 8.1 to build for ARM. I can do those later – or I could try to do it tomorrow, install 8.1, etc.

I’ve also downloaded an Android image for the Ci20 (MIPS32)! it boots right from the SD card, so I should be able to check the library and test apps build okay on Android (even if it is MIPS and not ARM – Android for the Pi is apparently quite a bit more dicey).