Microsoft and pure total mental agony

I hate Microsoft.

Working with MSVC is torture. Working with the web-site is torture.

It takes fucking forever to do anything and it’s either so much work to find out what you need to know, or you can’t find out at all.

So; I’m done with WDK 7.1 builds, now I’m looking at the MSVC builds.

I want to support an ARM build. First question; what’s the earlier version of MSVC which supports ARM? I can’t find out.

It looks like it’s probably MSVC 2013, given what people have posted on various forums (!)

I go to download 2013.


There are three “express” versions, which I think from prior knowledge are the free versions, and five non-express versions, such as “premium”, “ultimate” and “professional”.

Anyone have any ideas about the difference between premium, ultimate and professional? ’cause there’s fuck all on the download page.

Next question – I know already that the WDK 8.0 will only work with the professional version of 2012.

Is this still the case with 8.1 and 2013? I can’t find out.

Next question – will solution files made with a non-express version load into an express version? I can’t find out.

Next question – which versions of Windows are supported by the different WDKs? I can’t find out, in part because on the download page for WDKs, the link in each WDK’s section, which should according to the text go to the page about that WDK and tell you, in fact ALL go to the WDK 10 download page.

Every time MS ditch a WDK but it is the only WDK for a given OS, I have another platform to maintain – another Window VM with it’s own MSVC and WDK install and it’s own build files. I don’t have this problem on Linux, because there it’s just a matter of having the correct version of GCC and header files.

I hate Microsoft. Working with their tools is pure bloody torture – and I’ve not even spoken here about THE OBSCENE MENTAL TORTURE OF MSVC SOLUTION FILE CONFIGURATION. If it was’t for the fact I want to support people using this platformm, I wouldn’t touch it with a fucking barge pole, in exactly the same way as I wouldn’t stab myself in the eyes with forks, because, you know, IT HURTS.

Addendum – it gets worse. I have just discovered – not on the MS site, or the download page for it which makes no mention of this at all, but on the wikipedia – that 2013 requires Windows 8.1. I am not happy. I have by pure luck avoided wasting quite a bit o effort downloading the installer, setting up a W7 VM and trying to install. I do not appreciate my time being wasted by gross incompetence.