API changes

One of the to-do’s was to reorder the hash API arguments.

This has pulled on a mental thread and led me to remove all the key and value arguments, where-ever they’re present.

So, for example, before we might have had;

enum lfds700_btree_au_link_result lfds700_btree_au_link_element( struct lfds700_btree_au_state *baus,
struct lfds700_btree_au_element *baue,
void *key,
void *value,
int (*key_compare_function)(void *new_key, void *existing_key, void *user_state),
struct lfds700_btree_au_element **existing_baue,
struct lfds700_liblfds_prng_state *ps );

The key and value arguments are convenience arguments – the function sets them into *baue. However, the user can do this – and there are prototypes where the presence of those key and value arguments makes the prototypes ungainly and indeed more complicated.

So now this has been removed, and all the functions now simply deal with data structure elements, pointers to them, and the user uses macros to get/set keys and values.