Well, just done a ton of doc work.

1. ringbuffer APi docs first pass
2. building guide (lfds) first pass
3. building guide (test) first pass
4. porting guide (lfds) first pass
5. porting guide (test) first pass – but realised the in-page examples are too long, have to come at this in a different way

All the API docs need a second pass now to correct mistakes and make them uniform, then a third pass to actually wrote notes and content – right now it’s just prototypes and arguments, basically, the framework of the page.

Got a long list of minor code/doc fixes/improvements to make, which has built up as I’ve been going along. Have to do all those and reflect them in the docs.

Then go over the non-API docs for a second pass.

Then I can bring all the build files up to date and run test on all platforms.

Then I can release – and then immediately start working on the next release, to get the SMR code back in there and out into the field. I’d like to get the benchmark programme out too.