I’ve done no work for about two, three months - tied up with other work :-/

One of these other tasks, which needed finishing off, has been to write my own forum back-end (the existing forum is a front-end to an NNTP server).

Doing this led to generalized improvements in my web-site back-end code base, which means the mailing list has seen a fair bit of change too.

I’ve updated the forum and mailing list, need in the morning to do some checking with the mailing list, with the mail-send functionality disabled.

I’m now paying for a third-party SMTP server, for sending emails (I still run my own SMTP and POP for receiving) This looks to be solving deliverability problems - these days, doesn’t matter if you set up your email perfectly, what then also matters is the IP address range you’re in. In a bad IP range, you emails are silently blacklisted. The big email providers are the only way in which you can email the big email providers.

The forum seems to have picked up a bug, which was not manifesting before, where the links are not emitting into the iframe they’re targeted at. Need to sort this out.

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