Hi, everyone.

I’ve wanted to move away from GitHub since it was purchased by MS and I hope tomorrow to set up git on (both git and https). I will then move all the repos, exactly as they are now, to; I think all that will change for users is the domain name part of the URL.

Note that the current arrangement, with many repos, was done so users could concurrently checkout and use multiple versions of the library (the library itself is designed for this).

A better way is to have a single repo, but with new directories being created for every new version.

I will be making a new, single repo, following this pattern.

I then have about two or three months of work to do to get 7.2.0 out.


Locally Hosted Git Now Available

I’ve been meaning to move off of GitHub since it became MS, and now am finally implementing local git hosting on

git clone git://[reponame] now works.

git clone[reponame] now works.

I have set up git and https access, and now will leave the GitHub account in place for a good while, so people can know of this change; and then, sooner or later, with plenty of warning, the GitHub repos will go away.

SSH support I think isn’t on the cards because I’d have to handle setting up keys. However, maybe I can publish a single key for everyone to use, but then I have to make sure I get security right.

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