I’ve changed virtual server provider. This has meant shifting my web-sites from their existing server to a new server.

For liblfds, there were basically four systems to bring over - Bugzilla, Mediawiki, Esotalk (the forum) and Wordpress.

Bugzilla has now been ditched. It is not reasonably (or even unreasonably) possible to move from mySQL to Postgres. I will need in due course to write my own bug tracker; I like Bugzilla a lot, but I lost all my data, and I can’t ignore that.

Mediawiki has been brought over, although it’s for historical reference; future documentation will be markdown converted into [whatever] by pandoc.

The Forum only had a few posts, and no capability I think to export data, and I’ve had the same problem with previous forums, so I’ve written my own and that’s now in place.

Wordpress I wanted to ditch, too big, complicated and vulnerable, so I’ve written my own blog and that’s now in place.

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