I occasionally have emails from people asking me for the pre-release of 7.2.0, since it comes with ARM64.

I had one such email a couple of days ago, and it inspired me to get working again on liblfds - at least, in parallel with the other stuff that I’m working on (I’ve been writing a book for more than a year).

I’ve changed the ARM64 platform from a PINE64 to an Odroid N2 and this means I need to set up the N2 - get it into the IP network, configure it to be a build client, start building GCCs.

Well, it’s been 2.5 days now - about 20 hours - and I have failed to configure the N2 to have a single, static IP address. I’ve failed to do this on three different distros (Debian Buster, the current Armbian, and the current Ubuntu).

The cables work fine, as does the N2, as the N2 works fine with DHCP when connected to the router.

So putting this one down for a bit.

Now going to see about getting the RISC-V dev board up. I think I can get Debian going, but I’m wondering if I will run into the same problems with IP addresses.

Currently it looks to me like I will need to run a DHCP server to hand out static IP addresses, which is insane, but if madness is the only option remaining, well, what do you do?

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