So, been workng on the new test application.

I tried to just write it, but it’s too complex; I should have - and now have - composed a state machine.

I’m now implementing the state machine.

Honestly speaking, I only feel like I’ve done a serious piece of work, which I’m happy for other people to see and judge me by, when I’m using a state machine.

Non-state machine code, unless it’s trivially small, is not serious work.


Apologies for web-site disruption

I noticed Apache was mis-configured and was serving liblfds pages from other virtual domains on the server.

I fixed it.

This broke my configuration. (I hadn’t really fixed it.)

Apache is hard to configure because the docs are all over the place and there are a dozen ways of doing the same thing and there are plenty of strange behaviours built into the server.

I’ve backed out HTTPS for now, to get things working till I have time to sort them out properly.

(As an aside, Wordpress is a bit crap. If the site URL changes, you can only fix it by editing the mySQL database directly - it’s not actually config in a user-editable text file…)

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