Actual liblfds work - shock, surprise!

Shockingly, I’m actually do some liblfds work!

The hazard pointer implementation has a bug.

The tests for the implementation pass - but the hazard pointer-using freelist sometimes finds the freelist has a loop, when it comes to clean up the hazard pointer state.

Only happens when you come to deregister the threads. Mmm.


Minor update

I’ve been working on the freelist variant using hazard pointers.

It is trying to push an element which is already top of the freelist, which gives you an element pointing to itself.

Not clear why.

In other news, I tried to order a pair of shoes from Jones the Bootmaker. Their site, I would say, silently fails under Firefox. The ordering process is a loop, where placing the order takes you to the beginning of the ordering sequence.

I am beginning to come to the view that using web-sites to place orders is a mistake. Certainly it is the case that forms on web-sites never, ever, EVER work first time. They require at least two attempts to work, and often more - and this is when they do work. Increasingly I am finding order forms simply do not work. This is common enough it’s better simply to order over the phone at the start, rather than spending time on the order form, where it may or may not function.

This is why I order most things from Amazon. It works, without hassle. Random retailer web-sites on the web generally do not work, and are often problematic to navigate or utilize.

I visited the local lesuire center, to tour their gym. They have a room of spinning bikes, but these can only be used in a class. There is a single spinning bike in the gym itself. This is not viable. There is a pool, but it it closed in the hours after work three days a week. This is also not viable. I suspect a State subsidy.

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