Raspberry Pi 3 ordered

ARM64 platform.

No 64-bit Raspbian yet though - I’ll need to install full-fat Fedora, with a monitor and keyboard, and then configure it to headless.


64 bit ARM

Turns out it is impossible to run a 64-bit kernel on a Pi3 because the necessary firmware has not been released by the Foundation.

I have now ordered a PINE64, which can run a 64-bit kernel. Two week lead time, and then postage from the US, so probably most of a month till it arrives.

C’est la vie.



I’ve just called one of the two Dublin registry offices, as I’m trying now to chase up the birth certificate of what I believe is an Irish grandfather.

So I phone.

Shortish message, then “press 0 for all other enquiries”.

I press 0.

I wait.

After a while -

“We could not connect you. We are putting you through to the operator. This extention does not exist. There is no mailbox for this extention.”

Followed by disconnection.


Pasting with styling

When I use a plain text editor, and I paste, I get text.

When I use Word, AbiWord, Google (at work only, don’t worry, I’ve not gone crazy), when I paste, I always get styling. The font is specified, bold, font size, etc.

Do you know how often I’ve wanted paste with styling, rather than just the text?

I mean, in like, the last twenty years since people starting doing this shit?



I’m not kidding. In my entire life, I have never, NOT ONCE, needed or wanted this, and so EVERY TIME I’ve needed to paste, I’ve had to go through this farcical song and dance via a text editor. Often I then have a second fucking song and dance trying to get the stupid fucking WYSIWYG editor to also STOP USING THE FORMATTING FROM THE PASTE, which it desperately doesn’t want to do…

You guys who do this by default? you’re IDIOTS. Please stop being involved in any software which has a user interface.

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