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Have made the gross code changes to liblfds, now need to slap it around until it compiles.

Then need to rewrite all the tests, and also the benchmark app too.

This thing has one hell of a tail. I need an automatic code adjuster, something which understands C and adheres to my code style; but that won’t help with test or benchmark.



Ha. My post has the same name as a Russian spaceship.

A weekend ago I made liblfds compile again.

I’m now working on the test suite. It’s a lot of work. I’m going to release without the benchmark programme - it’ll just take too long.

So, current goal is to get test compiling.

I’d like to get it done this weekend, but we’ll see.

Managed to really bang a little toe into a metal bar, yesterday, so I’m stuck indoors today (and prolly tomorrow). There’s a Statue of Liberty kayak trip this Sunday, which by my trip up to WDC Thu/Fri I completely forgot to book in time - uber bleh :-( like the third time I’ve missed it, and it only runs every two weeks.

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