function libtest_results_init

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Source Files

└── test_and_benchmark
    └── libtest
        ├── inc
        │   └── libtest
        │       └── libtest_results.h
        └── src
            └── libshared_results
                └── libtest_results_init.c

Opaque Structures

struct libtest_results_state;


void libtest_results_init( struct libtest_results_state *rs );


struct libtest_results_state *rs

A pointer to a user-allocated struct libtest_results_state.


A struct libtest_results_state stores the results of a single call to libtest_testsuite_run. If multiple test runs are performed, each must have its own state, or an existing state must be passed to libtest_results_cleanup and then to libtest_results_init, so it can be re-used.


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