function lfds710_btree_au_find

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Source Files

    │   └───liblfds710
    │           lfds710_btree_addonly_unbalanced.h

Opaque Structures

struct lfds710_btree_au_element;
struct lfds710_btree_au_state;


int lfds710_btree_au_get_by_key( struct lfds710_btree_au_state *baus, 
                                 int (*key_compare_function)(void const *new_key, void const *existing_key),
                                 void *key,
                                 struct lfds710_btree_au_element **baue );


struct lfds710_btree_au_state *baus

A pointer to an initialized lfds710_btree_au_statee.

int (*key_compare_function)(void const *new_key, void const *existing_key)

A callback used by the btree to compare keys. This callback, if provided, over-rides the matching callback provided to lfds710_btree_au_init_valid_on_current_logical_core. This argument can be NULL.

void *key

A void pointer to the key to find.

struct lfds710_btree_au_element **baue

Set to point to the element with the key key. If no such key is present in the btree, set to NULL.

Return Value

Returns 1 if an element is found, 0 otherwise.


The key_compare_function allows the lfds710_btree_au_get_by_key to be used in situations where the data to hand, which is to be searched for in the tree, is in a format other than that which is normally used. Rather than having to reformat that data, it can be easier and faster simply to provide a different key compare function.

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