enum lfds710_queue_query

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enum lfds710_queue_bss_query



Counts the number of elements in the queue. This query, as with all operations on this queue, is not guaranteed to be accurate, which is to say, enqueue and dequeue operations which have returned to their calling thread may not yet be visible, which would lead the count to be inaccurate.


Validates the queue. In fact, for this queue, where the backing store is an array, there is no validation, other than if the user provides as input a lfds710_misc_validation_info, which indicates an expected range of the number of elements in the stack, in which case this query counts the number of elements in the queue and checks they fall within the expected range. As LFDS710_QUEUE_BSS_QUERY_GET_COUNT is used to perform the count, the usual caveats aboout operations not yet being visible apply.


This enum is used by the bounded, single producer, single consumer queue query function, lfds710_queue_bss_query.

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