any plans for ARM64 ?

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just wondering, is there any plans for ARM64 support ?

Tried to port a software onto the Nano Pi NEO 2 today (without checking if the arch. was supported), all was compiled (GCC 5.4) but got a Segmentation fault at launch with gdb saying :

0x000000000040fcfc in lfds711_freelist_push (fs=0x427000 <rs>, fe=0x45c510, psts=0x0) at ../../src/lfds711_freelist/lfds711_freelist_push.c:68
68	    LFDS711_PAL_ATOMIC_DWCAS( fs->top, original_top, new_top, LFDS711_MISC_CAS_STRENGTH_WEAK, result );

What is needed to port libflds to ARM64 ? … ok found the porting abstraction layer file which seem to be the one that need to be modified

Thank you for the great work on this library btw.


2 years ago Administrator


7.2.0 (next release) has ARM64. Supoprt was implemented over a year ago, I think - I have a PINE64 dev board, so I have hardware to test on, too.

I'm currently working on the test and benchmark application - someone asked for a pre-release of some of the position-independent data structures (for use with shared memory, where the virtual memory ranges differ between processes) and I'm adding the ability to spawn processes rather than just threads.

I'm currently working, so I don't have much time. I'll be finished in eight weeks.

If you need ARM64 like *now*, I can drop you a pre-release now - drop me an email at admin at liblfds dot org.

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