Nothing works


Nothing woeks, and when you try to make it work, you experience a recursive descent into problems, until you give up and find a totally different way of doing things which does not depends upon the original problem.

Our inability as a species to make things work is pretty tragic.

So – I have a Revolut account. Fintech, mastercard, no fee currency exchanges at bank-to-bank rate.

I have transferred Swiss Francs into my account, but now I need to convert them to Euro.

My phone is rooted, because a non-rooted phone is impossible (Google et al making problems).

Where the phone is rooted, it’s not obvious how to update Android.

Where Android cannot be updated, Google Play Services is now too old for the Revolut app to run.

(There’s no Revolt web-site, which would solve the problem).

I wanted to use Anbox, to run Android apps on Linux.

To do this, I need snaps.

To get snaps, I need Debian 9 – I have 8.

Two days work, I upgrade – it worked (which really surprised me).

Turns out snaps work but Anbox still doesn’t work.

I may be able to make it work, but I Google a bit and found android-x86, which is an Intel port of Android which you can run in a VM.

I duly make and run Android in a VM on my laptop and go to install Revolut.

“Not compatible with your device.”

This of course is because their app most likely is only for ARM.

Anbox uses QEMU, so it’ll work.

We go round and around and around and around a-fucking-round, amen.